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  • BENIN: Enhancing Infrastructure Services through PPPs in Benin: Institutional Strengthening and Capacity Building support

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  • BENIN: Water Business Advisory Project

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Country resources

    • 2011
    • Carolina Domínguez-Torres, Vivien Foster
    • PPIAF, World Bank Group (WBG)

    AICD Country Report: Benin’s Infrastructure

    A Continental Perspective

    This study is a product of the Africa Infrastructure Country Diagnostic (AICD), a project designed to expand the world’s knowledge of physical infrastructure in Africa. The AICD provides a baseline against which future improvements...

    • 2016
    • World Bank Group (WBG)

    Benin: Piped Water Supply Systems in Rural and Small Towns

    PPP Brief

    In Benin, rural water systems had historically been operated by local communities, with varying degrees of success. In 2006, the Government of Benin (GoB) began to transfer the management of these water systems to private operators, under a...

    • 2015
    • Sylvain Adokpo Migan with Tremolet Consulting
    • World Bank Group (WBG), World Bank Group (WBG)

    Benin: Innovative Public-Private Partnerships for Rural Water Services Sustainability

    A case study

    This case study provides evidence of the possibilities for attracting private sector engagement in piped rural water systems, and also clearly lays out some of the on-going sustainability challenges. There is an important learning opportunity for...

    • 2010
    • World Bank Group (WBG), World Bank Group (WBG)

    Public-Private Partnerships for Small Piped Water Schemes

    A Review of Progress in Seven African Countries

    This field note reviews the first generation of Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) for small piped water schemes in seven countries: Benin, Burkina Faso, Mali, Mauritania, Niger, Rwanda and Senegal. The field note proposes a framework for moving...

    • 2009
    • World Bank Group (WBG)

    Benin: Port of Cotonou

    PPP Brief

    Benin’s port of Cotonou is a potential gateway to landlocked West African countries, but high shipping costs, low efficiency, and poor logistical facilities have kept it from becoming a key trade route. As part of a major port sector reform...

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