Apply for Funds

PPIAF accepts grant proposals that are in line with its mandate to support governments in creating and strengthening a sound enabling environment for private participation in infrastructure through the following types of activities:

  • Framing infrastructure development strategies
  • Designing and implementing policy, regulatory, and institutional reforms
  • Organizing stakeholder consultation workshops
  • Building government institutional capacity
  • Designing and implementing pioneering projects

Who is eligible for PPIAF support?

PPIAF supports national governments and regional institutions. It also supports sub-national entities, which include:

  • Special-purpose government entities delivering infrastructure services (such as utilities, authorities, and state-owned enterprises);

  • General-purpose sub-national government entities (such as municipalities, provinces and states); and

  • Financial intermediaries and entities (e.g., banks; funds and facilities; country development banks; and municipal funds), with a primary focus on sub-national infrastructure lending.

For more information on eligibility, please refer to our Guide to Applying for PPIAF’s Funding.


For general information regarding PPIAF, applicant eligibility, and the application process, please contact PPIAF at
For specific proposals, please contact the appropriate PPIAF staff in the relevant region.
For step by step guidance on how to apply please read the How to Apply section below or download the application guidance document. 

How to apply

  • Step 1: Consultation with PPIAF

    Applicants are invited to check PPIAF’s website to review its current priorities, and to read previous activity reports and lessons learned. The first stage is to contact the relevant PPIAF team member(s) to assess whether it is eligible and offers a good strategic fit. Applicants with eligible proposals who are not part of the World Bank Group can then be helped to find a “sponsor” task team in the WBG to implement their activity.


    Applicants submit a brief concept note that outlines the activity’s objectives, scope, budget, implementation plan and timeframe. On the second week of every month PPIAF reviews concept notes and selects the ones that will proceed to the next stage considering the above-mentioned criteria and constraints, such as funding envelope for the period. Successful concept proposals will be sent to PPIAF’s donors to flag potential issues affecting a go/no go decision. Meritorious concepts that are not selected only because of funding limitations can be re-considered in the next review period. Applicants for Program Grants must submit a revised concept note that incorporates PPIAF’s feedback, which is submitted to PPIAF’s donors for no-objection before proceeding to the next stage; other applicants who pass this concept screening stage can proceed to the next stage and incorporate PPIAF’s feedback.


    For all types of grants, a detailed application package is then prepared and reviewed, usually following the month after approval of concept note. It comprises an application form, a detailed budget, terms of reference for any procurement, an official government request letter, and a clearance note from the World Bank country director/manager. It must include details about implementation, risk mitigation, procurement and dissemination.

    A revised package will be submitted for clearance to the PPIAF program manager, who approves requests of $100,000 or less and sends those above $100,000 to the PPIAF donors. After 10 business days and the provision of clarifications to donor enquiries, provided there are no objections, the application will proceed to the award stage.


    Grant processing is usually completed within two to three weeks after the award letter is sent. PPIAF will then monitor grant implementation through regular exchanges between the relevant PPIAF team member(s) and the Task Team Leader (TTL), plus via quarterly status update.

Call for Global Knowledge Proposals

PPIAF holds a semi-annual global call for knowledge proposals to solicit ideas on specific topics and emerging themes in infrastructure, PPPs, and subnational finance. Proposals are accepted from eligible organizations, which include the World Bank Group, Multilateral Development Banks, bilateral development agencies, non-governmental organizations, and universities. 

  • 2018 Call for Global Knowledge Proposals

    Open Date: Close Date:


    PPIAF’s 2018 Call for Global Knowledge Proposals is seeking submissions on topics pertaining to private sector participation in infrastructure, public-private partnerships (PPPs), and sub-national finance in PPIAF’s priority sectors (Energy, Water and Transportation). Multi-sector proposals related to the general PPP enabling environment are also acceptable.


    Submission Deadline: March 29, 2018 @ 5...