As a global platform for knowledge, PPIAF offers clients a way to leverage best practices on public-private partnerships in infrastructure from every region of the world. PPIAF develops new knowledge through research and helps make existing knowledge accessible through its library, which includes PPIAF publications, PPIAF-funded reports, books, short notes, case studies, lessons learned, and other resources. The most useful PPP Resources in English and French are also available in the Library. To access all the PPIAF Annual Reports click here.     

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PPIAF sponsors toolkits to facilitate the transmission of knowledge and best practices interactively. The toolkits are designed so that they can be self-taught by the end-user or used and demonstrated at workshops and training courses. The toolkits below are available online and can be downloaded onto CD-ROMs.

self-taught by the end-user or used and demonstrated at workshops and training courses. The toolkits below are available online and can be downloaded onto CD-ROMs. 

Featured Toolkits


PPIAF has been supporting a robust global knowledge agenda that complements its grant-funded in-country technical assistance. The program supports developing new knowledge through research and helping to make existing knowledge more accessible to policymakers and other stakeholders on the ground.For a full list of PPIAF publications please visit the Library.


Featured Publications

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    Regenerating Urban Land

    Regenerating Urban Land draws on the experience of eight case studies from around the world. The case studies outline various policy and financial instruments to attract private sector investment in urban regeneration of underutilized and unutilized areas and the requisite infrastructure...

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    Using Performance-Based Contracts to Reduce Non-Revenue Water

    Non-revenue water management can deliver significant financial and economic benefits, and to a large extent, NRW programs can be self-financing—rapid revenue gains from commercial loss reduction, for example, can supply the OPEX and CAPEX funds needed to reduce the NRW.

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    PPP Reference Guide 3.0

    The third version of the PPP Reference Guide, as the first one, presents a global overview of the diversity of approaches and experiences in the implementation of PPPs, providing an entry point to the substantial body of knowledge on PPPs.

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Call for proposals

PPIAF holds a semi-annual global call for knowledge proposals to solicit ideas on specific topics and emerging themes in infrastructure, PPPs, and subnational finance. Proposals are accepted from eligible organizations, which include the World Bank Group, Multilateral Development Banks, bilateral development agencies, non-governmental organizations, and universities. 

Global Knowledge Activities