PPIAF systematically distills knowledge from a variety of sources. These include over 1,800 completed technical assistance activities, multilateral development banks, and the private sector. This knowledge is freely available through online platforms, training seminars, workshops, and partnerships with academic organizations.  PPIAF also funds public-private infrastructure investment fora and communities of practices to provide opportunities to network and share information. We also organize an annual Call for Global Knowledge Proposals to develop new knowledge through the research and experience of others. Our approach makes best practices for delivering infrastructure through public-private partnerships accessible to all—at a scale and reach that cannot be achieved by individual interventions alone. This emphasis on capturing, differentiating, and using knowledge is central to PPIAF’s role as a center of excellence.

Call for proposals

PPIAF holds an annual global call for knowledge proposals to solicit ideas on specific topics and emerging themes in infrastructure, PPPs, and subnational finance. Proposals are accepted from eligible organizations, which include the World Bank Group, Multilateral Development Banks, bilateral development agencies, non-governmental organizations, and universities. 

Global Knowledge Activities