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PPIAF funding focuses on supporting countries and regions with the greatest need; lower-income countries and fragile and conflict-affected states. PPIAF also supports selected priority middle-income countries since they provide transferable lessons to lower-income countries. PPIAF also supports the creation of knowledge products. Activities PPIAF has been supporting for the last 5 years are featured in the interactive map below. 

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Our Donors

PPIAF Donor members include bilateral and multilateral development agencies and international financial institutions.PPIAF aims to deliver much of its technical assistance in partnership with other development organizations to increase the  impact of this assistance, from a financial as well as an  operational standpoint.

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PPIAF accepts technical assistance grant proposals that are in line with its mandate to support the priority areas identified in the PPIAF strategy. Assistance grants can fall under technical assistance or production of knowledge materials.