Developing country governments are increasingly realizing the benefit of involving the private sector in managing and financing of airports to improve service provision. Long-term concessions to private corporations to oversee all or part of the airport's operations are the predominant model today, with governments often taking less risk and a minority shareholding in the venture.

Air transport infrastructure is significant to development. Airports “aviation infrastructure” comprise an essential component of a nation’s infrastructure needs by providing domestic and international links vital to economic development through flows of human capital, commerce and tourism. The development of new tourism markets and enlarging high value added domestic markets via international linkages are especially dependent on the existence of efficient and effective aviation infrastructure.

PPIAF has been helping governments design policies, identify options on how to involve the private sector, address regulatory issues, and manage concessions. PPIAF has also provided funding to produce and disseminate best practices through workshops and publications. Below are some examples of PPIAF support in the airport sector over the last few years.

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    • 2010
    • Mustafa Zakir Hussain, Editor
    • World Bank Group (WBG), PPIAF

    Investment in Air Transport Infrastructure

    Guidance for developing private participation

    This paper discusses the development of appropriate private sector participation (PSP) to optimize the provision of air transport infrastructure (ATI). It is aimed primarily at government policy makers in low- and middle-income countries and...

    • 2010
    • O.P. Agarwal and Jose A. Gomez-Ibanez
    • PPIAF

    Case-Study on Delhi Airport Metro Express

    This case was written by O.P. Agarwal of the World Bank and Jose A. Gomez-Ibanez of the Harvard Kennedy School. The case is intended to serve as a basis for class room discussion only. It does not purport to provide a complete and accurate...

    • 2012
    • Tomás Serebrisky
    • PPIAF

    Airport Economics in Latin America and the Caribbean

    Benchmarking, Regulation, and Pricing

    The book presents a positive and unbiased analysis of events, rather than a normative analysis of what should be done to reform the airport sector or to attract private participation. It focuses on three dimensions of performance: productive...

    • 2012
    • International Finance Corporation (IFC)

    Handshake Issue #6: Air & Sea PPPs

    Handshake Issue #6: Air & Sea & PPPs examines how public-private partnerships (PPPs) push air and sea transport development forward with greater speed and richer benefits.

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