South Sudan

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    • 2011
    • Rupa Ranganathan, Cecilia M. Briceño-Garmendia
    • PPIAF, World Bank Group (WBG)

    AICD Country Report: South Sudan’s Infrastructure

    A Continental Perspective

    This study is a product of the Africa Infrastructure Country Diagnostic (AICD), a project designed to expand the world’s knowledge of physical infrastructure in Africa. The AICD provides a baseline against which future improvements...

    • 2013
    • Jean Philippe Prosper, Emmanuel Nyirinkindi
    • World Bank Group (WBG)

    Perspective. The Hopeful Continent

    From Handshake Issue #11: Africa More than a decade ago, The Economist christened Africa “the hopeless continent,” lamenting its prospects for growth and change. Today, the tide has turned. In 2013, the very same magazine lauded the...

    • 2013
    • Jane Jamieson
    • World Bank Group (WBG), International Finance Corporation (IFC)

    Waiting for Water

    From Handshake Issue #9: Reconstruction Getting off the plane for the first time in Juba, South Sudan, I was amazed at the number of water trucks. There were dozens of them on every street, delivering water everywhere: from the private water...

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