Supporting Sub-National Entities

PPIAF’s Sub-National Technical Assistance (SNTA) program provides grants to support sub-national entities to improve infrastructure services. Launched in 2007, it provides technical assistance to develop public financial management skills, strengthen credit ratings, build institutional capacity and systems, implement debt financing transactions, and more.


National governments are not the only government entities responsible for infrastructure delivery. Provincial, state, and municipal governments are also involved, as are some state-owned enterprises including utilities, development banks, or funds focused on infrastructure lending. Many such sub-national entities, or SNEs, need support to attract funding for infrastructure using sustainable, market-based approaches.

How SNTA works

SNTA complements PPIAF’s core agenda.  SNTA grants improve the knowledge and skills of government officials in areas such as governance, financial management, planning, project preparation skills, and human resources. As a result, many SNTA clients developed capacity in critical areas for infrastructure development, for example:

  • Instituting robust regulatory frameworks
  • Designing bankable capital investment plans
  • Creating financial reporting systems
  • Determining predictable long-term cash flows
  • And more

With these skills and capabilities, sub-national entities are well-positioned to attract financing and work with the private sector to deliver infrastructure.

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How to work with SNTA

Grants from SNTA are implemented through the World Bank Group. We also welcome partnerships with institutions that share our goals and interests.

To work with us, please follow the instructions on the Apply for Funds page.

Since 2007, SNTA has also accumulated vast SNE-specific knowledge which can be shared upon request.