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Title Date Publisher / Author Web Link
Case-Specific Policy Analysis Establishing Mexico’s Regulatory Agency for Rail Transport 2016 International Transport Forum
High-speed Railways in China : An Update on Passenger Pofiles 2016 World Bank / Nanyan Zhou, Richard G. Bullock, Ying Jin, Martha B. Lawrence, Gerald Paul Ollivier
Alternative Funding and Financing Mechanisms for Passenger and Freight Rail Projects 2015 Transportation Research Board
Attracting Capital for Railway Development in China 2015 World Bank / Martha Lawrence, Gerald Ollivier in collaboration with Beijing Jiaotong University
Customer-driven Rail Intermodal Logistics: Unlocking A New Source of Value for China 2015 World Bank / Luis C. Blancas Mendivil, Richard G. Bullock, Gerald Paul Ollivier
Integrated Logistic Centers: Experience from North America and Options for China 2015 World Bank / Luis C. Blancas Mendivil, Richard G. Bullock, Gerald Paul Ollivier
OECD Guidelines on Corporate Governance of State-Owned Enterprises 2015 OECD
Principles of Corporate Governance 2015 OECD
Public Transport Service Optimization and System Integration 2015 World Bank / Ke Fang, Samuel L. Zimmerman
Railway Concession in Africa: Lessons Learnt 2015 Joan Miquel Vilardell, Advanced Logistics Group, SAU
Freight Railway Development in Mexico 2014 International Transport Forum 
High-speed Railways in China: A Look at Construction Costs 2014 World Bank / Gerald Paul Ollivier, Jitendra Sondhi, Nanyan Zhou
High-speed Railways in China: A Look at Traffic 2014 World Bank / Richard G. Bullock, Ying Jin, Gerald Paul Ollivier, Nanyan Zhou
Private Capital for Railway Development 2014 World Bank / Martha B. Lawrence, Gerald Paul Ollivier
High-speed Rail, Regional Economics, and Urban Development in China 2013 World Bank / Andrew Salzberg, Richard G. Bullock, Wanli Fang, Ying Jin
China - The Environmental Challenge of Railway Development 2012 World Bank /  Juan D. Quintero, Peishen Wang, Ning Yang
Board Practices: Incentives and Governing Risks 2011 OECD
New Reforming Railways—Learning from Experience 2011 Community of European Railways
Railway Reform in South East Europe and Turkey: On the Right Track 2011 World Bank / Carolina Monsalve
State-Owned Enterprise Governance Reform 2011 OECD
What Role for the Private Sector in African Railways Development 2011 Proparco
A Vision for Railways in 2050 2010 International Transport Forum / Louis S. Thompson
Africa’s Infrastructure, A Time for Transformation: Chapter 11 Railways: Looking for Traffic 2010 The International Bank for Reconstruction and Development / The World Bank
High-Speed Rail - The Fast Track to Economic Development 2010 World Bank / Paul Amos, Dick Bullock, Jit Sondhi
Safety and Regulatory Reform of Railways 2001/
International Transport Forum
International Railway Statistics 2009 International Union of Railways (UIC)
Liberalization and Commercialization of the World's Railways: Progress and Key Regulatory Issues 2009 International Transport Forum / Louis S. Thompson
Off Track: Sub-Saharan African Railways 2009 World Bank
Railways and the Environment 2009 International Union of Railways (UIC), Community of European Railways
Charges for the Use of Rail Infrastructure 2008 2008 International Transport Forum
Railway Access Charges in the EU: Current Status and Developments Since 2004 2008 International Transport Forum / Louis S. Thompson
Turn Around of Indian Railways 2008 Harral Winner Thompson Sharp Klein
Competitive Tendering of Rail Services 2007 European Conference of Ministers of Transport
Railway Accounts for Effective Regulation 2007 European Conference of Ministers of Transport
The Financial Performance of Non-Urban Passenger Rail Services 2007 World Bank
Infrastructure to 2030: Chapter 5 Key Trends and Implications for Policy Change in Long-Term Rail Freight Traffic and Infrastructure 2006 OECD / Louis S. Thompson
Highway and Railway Development in India and China, 1992 - 2002 2005 World Bank
Railway Reform in the Western Balkans 2005 World Bank / Martha Lawrence, Richard Martin Humphreys
Reform, Commercialization and Private Sector Participation in Railways in Eastern Europe and Central Asia 2005 World Bank / Paul Amos
Results of Railway Privatization in Africa 2005 World Bank / Richard Bullock
Results of Railway Privatization in Australia and New Zealand 2005 World Bank / Robert Williams, David Greig, Ian Wallis
Results of Railway Privatization in Latin America 2005 World Bank / Richard Sharp
Labor Issues in Infrastructure Reform 2004 World Bank, PPIAF
Privatizing British Railways: Are There Lessons for the World Bank and Its Borrowers? 2004 World Bank / Louis S. Thompson
Regulatory Reform of Railways in Russia 2004 European Conference of Ministers of Transport
Rieles con futuro, Desafios para los ferrocarriles de América del Sur 2004 CAF / Jorge H. Kogan
A Railway Concessioning Toolkit 2003 Sub-Saharan Africa Transport Policy Program
Changing Railway Structure and Ownership: Is Anything Working? 2003 Transport Reviews / Louis S. Thompson
Employment Restructuring and Occupational Activation of Employees of Polskie Koleje Panstwowe (Polish State Railways), in the Years 2000 - 2002 2003 World Bank / Ryszard Jurkowski
Lessons from Railway Reforms in Brazil and Mexico 2001 J. Campos
Labor Redundancy, Retraining and Outplacement during Privatization: the Experience of Brazil’s Federal Railway 2000 World Bank
Best Methods of Railway Restructuring and Privatization 1995 World Bank / Ron Kopicki, Louis S. Thompson
The Evolution of the World Bank's Railway Lending 1994 World Bank / Alice Galenson, Louis S. Thompson
Options for Reshaping the Railway 1992 World Bank / Niel E. Moyer, Louis S. Thompson
Techniques for Railway Restructuring 1990 World Bank / Lee W. Huff, Louis S. Thompson
Conrail: Government Creation and Privatization of an American railroad 1989 World Bank / Eric Beshers
Railroad Accounting Principles 1987 Railroad Accounting Principles Board
The Railways Problem 1982 World Bank
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