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Acknowledgement is due to the many contributors who contributed to Railway Reform: Toolkit for Improving Rail Sector Performance.

Funding for this publication was provided by PPIAF. PPIAF, a multi-donor trust fund housed in the World Bank Group, provides technical assistance to governments in developing countries. PPIAF’s main goal is to create enabling environments through high-impact partnerships that facilitate private investment in infrastructure. For more information, visit Support was also provided by the Transport Research Support Program (TRSP).

The World Bank coordinating team for the first edition was led by Martha Lawrence and included Vasile Olievschi, Jukka-Pekka Strand and Vickram Cuttaree. The World Bank coordinating team for the second edition was led by Martha Lawrence and included Fatima Arroyo Arroyo and Alicia Hernandez Muñoz.

Authors include Paul Amos, Karim-Jacques Budin, Richard Bullock, Jeremy Drew, Henri Kuitunen, Martha Lawrence, Pedzisayi Makumbe, Vasile Olievschi, Robert Phillips, Jukka-Pekka Strand, Louis Thompson, and John Winner. Case studies were adapted from studies by Menke Chen, Jakub Karnowski, Martha Lawrence, Gerald Ollivier, Dominic Patella, Joanna Moody, Siddhartha Raja, and Wenting Wei and the International Transport Forum. CPCS, for the second edition, updated a number of chapters and case studies from the first edition and prepared additional case studies.

Guidance on the first edition content was provided by an expert team from the World Bank: Michel Bellier, Pierre Pozzo di Borgo, Victoria Hilda Rigby Delmon, Benedictus Eijbergen, Ralf-Michael Kaltheier, Jorge M. Rebelo, John Carter Scales, and G. George Tharakan. Helpful input was also provided by Jean-Charles Crochet, Robin Carruthers, Henry Des Longchamps, Maria Carolina Monsalve and Reindert Westra. Anita Shrestha reviewed the financial model. Reviewers of the second edition include Paul Amos, Victor Arragones, Antoine Kunth, Airy Magnien, James Markland, Gerald Ollivier, David Robinette and Vincent Vu. Marc Juhel and Henry Kerali, World Bank Transport Sector Managers, provided overall supervision and quality control of the first edition and Almud Weitz and Michel Kerf of the second edition.

We gratefully acknowledge the cooperation and support in development and dissemination of this resource provided by the International Union of Railways (UIC), the International Transport Forum and the Community of European Railways and Infrastructure Companies (CER).

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