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Software requirements
The model can be used on Excel versions 2007 and above. Before opening the model, users must enable both macros and ActiveX controls. To enable them, users can go to “Developer” tab, click on “Macro security”, select ”Macro settings“ to enable macros and select “ActiveX settings” to enable all controls. After this the model can be opened. Problems may occur with drop-down menus and model specification if these settings are enabled only after the model has been opened. In that case users should close the file, enable the settings and re-open the model.

This model has been prepared by the World Bank for educational purposes only. Although the model was prepared with utmost care and diligence, the Bank cannot be held liable directly or indirectly for the adequacy, completeness or accuracy of the model structure, assumptions used or results obtained from the model. Anyone using this model does so at their own risk. Model users should carry out their own due diligence and verify all assumptions, calculations and results presented in this model.

Model review
Operis Business Engineering Limited, a London-based professional financial model auditor, conducted a high-level review of the model and suggested improvements which have been incorporated. See their letter of support (PDF).

Download * financial model

(*Enable macros and ActiveX controls before opening.)

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