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Introduction to Choosing the Right Reform Option / Questions 1-6 of 20
evaluate your bus system
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This interactive tool helps you define the transport objectives for your city. It will rank bus system reform options based on your answers to a series of questions.
Before you start, consider reviewing the evaluation section. This will help you give more informed answers when you use the interactive tool.
Please indicate whether you agree or disagree with the following statements, and, if indicated, by how much.
1. Anyone with a roadworthy bus should be free to provide service on routes and at fares he or she chooses. Why Is this important?
2. Buses should meet specific government quality standards. Why Is this important?
3. A single operator should provide all bus services with no specific expiry date. Why Is this important?
4. Under a single operator, management should be by an external professional team. Why Is this important?
5. All existing bus routes should ultimately be tendered out. Why Is this important?
6. New bus routes should be tendered out or be incorporated into a previously tendered package. Why Is this important?
*Answer all six questions to continue

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