2017 Call for Global Knowledge Proposals


PPIAF’s 2017 Call for Global Knowledge Proposals is seeking submissions on topics pertaining to private sector participation in infrastructure, public-private partnerships (PPPs), and sub-national finance in PPIAF’s priority sectors (Energy, Water and Transportation). Multi-sector proposals related to the general PPP enabling environment are also acceptable. Submissions can be made through February 10, 2017, 5:00 PM EST. 

Submission Deadline: February 10, 2017 @ 5 pm EST

PPIAF will consider global knowledge products that provide lessons learned or best practices that can be applied across countries and across regions. A total of $1.5 million has been allocated for this effort. For additional information, please see PPIAF’s Call for Proposals FAQS . Proposals will be accepted for:

  • Knowledge Products (e.g., toolkits, guides, manuals, briefs, training seminars and workshops, development of training materials, capacity building)

  • Outreach (translation, dissemination, conferences)

Proposals will be accepted for knowledge products and outreach activities on the following topics:

  1. Effective and innovative long-term financing solutions (e.g., commercial banks, institutional investors, capital markets, infrastructure bonds, blended finance, pooled finance, etc.) for infrastructure PPPs at national and/or sub-national level (i.e. municipalities, SOEs, etc.) in developing countries.

  2. Experiences, challenges and solutions for implementing PPPs in fragile and conflict-affected countries.

  3. Identifying innovative approaches and assessing best practices for fostering private sector participation – through expertise and investments, including climate finance – in sustainable (climate-smart) infrastructure projects in developing countries.

  4. Challenges and solutions for the development of decentralized, local PPP programs, including local private sector development and involvement.  

  5. Case studies and empirical evidence on the link between PPP frameworks and better access to services, poverty reduction and/or improved growth.

  6. Identifying and assessing best practices for country-level fiscal management of PPP Programs.

  7. Identifying challenges and opportunities in the steps to establish infrastructure as an asset class.


The call is open to staff at the World Bank Group and other multilateral development banks, donor organizations, non-profit organizations, and academia. For additional information, please see PPIAF’s Call for Proposals FAQS .

Selection Criteria:  

Proposals will be evaluated on technical quality, relevance to the proposed topics, and alignment with PPIAF’s strategy. Specifically, proposals will be assessed against the following criteria:

  1. Potential for Impact

  2. Target Audience & Dissemination Plan

  3. Value for Money
  4. Innovative Approach

Proposals are strongly encouraged to include co-financing, as this will be considered in the selection process. Proposals with a gender or climate change (adaptation, mitigation, and/or resilience) focus are also strongly encouraged.

Submission Guidelines & Deadline:

  • All WBG proposals must identify an accredited TTL to oversee activity implementation. TTLs must have TLAP 2.0 accreditation to implement PPIAF grants.

  • All external proposals must include a team leader as the main applicant.

  • All knowledge product proposals must use the PPIAF Call for Global Knowledge Proposals Knowledge Product Submission Form .

  • All outreach activity proposals must use the PPIAF Call for Global Knowledge Proposals Outreach Activity Submission Form .

  • Proposals are not to exceed 10 pages.

  • Proposals must be submitted as a Word document via email to by 5:00 PM (EST) on February 10, 2017.

  • Questions can be submitted to