PPIAF Donors

PPIAF Donor members include bilateral and multilateral development agencies and international financial institutions. Owned and directed by its participating donors, PPIAF is governed by a Program Council made up of these donors and is managed by the World Bank through a Program Management Unit. The Program Council is supported by an independent Technical Advisory Panel.

PPIAF’s Program Charter outlines its mission, its relationship with donors, its criteria for grant approvals, and its governance, organization, and financial structure.

PPIAF's Program Council meets annually to review the strategic direction of PPIAF's technical assistance program, its achievements, and its financing requirements. Chaired by the World Bank, the Program Council is responsible for:

  • Defining PPIAF policies and strategies
  • Approving the annual work program and financial plan
  • Reviewing the performance of PPIAF's activities through an ex post evaluation by the Technical Advisory Panel.

Since PPIAF’s inception, the generous support of donors has ensured PPIAF’s role as an effective upstream multi-donor technical assistance facility. PPIAF is committed to use our resources for eliminating poverty and encouraging sustainable development through the mobilization of public-private partnerships in infrastructure.