NEPAL: Power Sector Reform and Sustainable Hydropower Development Project

The goal of the overall initiative is to support the GoN to meet the domestic electricity demand in medium and long terms, in an affordable low-carbon and sustainable way, and generate electricity export revenues through private sector-led development of hydropower resources and long-term sustainability of the energy sector. In that context, the goal of the PPIAF funded program is to support the GoNâ's efforts to improve energy sector performance by setting in place the appropriate institutional regulations/policies and development plans.

Related Program

Power Sector Reform and Hydropower Development in Nepal

This program seeks to mitigate and remove the key barriers for power sector development in Nepal. The World Bank (WB) is also supporting the Government of Nepal (GoN) to execute Nepal Power Sector Reform and Sustainable Hydropower Development Project (PSRSHDP). This project consists of four main components including technical and analytical...

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