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Implementing Port Reform


If the organizational changes contemplated should require changes in legislation, any necessary legal work should get underway very early in the reform process. Often, port-related entities enter into commercial arrangements ahead of the legislative changes that are necessary to fully reform and liberalize the sector. Subsequent legal changes may complicate the contractual relationships for these initial deals. Or, these early investors may try to slow down the broader reform process so that they can enjoy as long as possible a competitive edge stemming in part from an advantageous legal situation.

Once the strategic choices for the reform process have been made, the main priority of the IWG will be to translate them into national legislation. This will generally include, without being limited to, the following elements:


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Framework for Port Reform

The Evolution of Ports in a Competitive World

Alternative Port Management Structures and Ownership Models

Legal Tools for Port Reform

Financial Implications of Port Reform

Port Regulation:
Overseeing the Economic Public Interest in Ports

Labor Reform and Related Social Issues

Implementing Port Reform

Strategic Preparation: The Interministerial Working Group

Redefinition of Authorities and Powers

Legal Adaptation

Transaction Preparation


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