Water & Sanitation

Since inception PPIAF has supported a number of activities that have helped increase access to water services in rural and peri-urban communities. Experience has shown that insufficient resources, management inefficiencies, and a lack of access to market financing mechanisms act as a severe constraint on the expansion of water supply systems. PPIAF and its Sub-National Technical Assistance (SNTA) program can help reduce these constraints by assisting private operators and public utilities identify the best options for the expansion of water provision in these hard-to-reach areas. PPIAF's Water Toolkit (PDF) facilitates the design of policies to encourage private sector participation in the water sector. PPIAF and SNTA technical assistance also increase the efficiency of existing water systems, by reducing non-revenue water losses.

The SNTA program helps sub-national entities such as water utilities improve their creditworthiness so they can access market-based financing on their own account, without sovereign guarantees.  This combination of PPIAF and SNTA work is uniquely able to provide technical assistance support that will help public water utilities and small-scale private operators expand their water supply systems to rural and peri-urban communities.

Note: This includes PPIAF activities since 2012.

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