PPIAF has supported a number of public-private partnership (PPP) activities in the irrigation sector and has built a critical mass of knowledge on ways to effectively involve the private sector in financing and managing such facilities—in particular using new approaches to project development, transaction design, and public-private arrangements. PPIAF has identified farmer consultations as a critical step to structuring sustainable irrigation PPPs. It is also essential to make use of the latest analytical techniques to minimize tariffs, mitigate risks, and estimate the size and nature of results-based subsidies in cases where farmers are unable to pay the full costs of services.

PPIAF supported the production of a handbook which explores the use of public private partnerships (PPPs). PPPs have the potential to facilitate an expanded role for the private sector in irrigation, mobilize expertise in the sector, and ensure medium- to long- term sustainability. This handbook compiles some of the most useful international experiences in irrigation PPPs including examples from activiities that PPIAF supported. It also provides suggestions to practitioners on strategies and approaches to better harness public and private resources in the irrigation sector.

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