PPIAF announced the winners of the third successful submissions under the Spring 2016 PPIAF Call for Knowledge Proposals on May 25, 2016. The response to the Call exceeded our expectations and we received a large number of strong proposals from WBG and external applicants. Over forty proposals were submitted, with a total funding request of $6.3 million. A funding envelop of $1 million was available under the call.

Shortlisted proposals were evaluated through an anonymous process by an independent Selection Committee, which was composed of members from Global Practices and Cross Cutting Solution Areas, PPIAF Donor Representatives, and PPIAF.  Proposals were evaluated based on the following selection criteria: alignment with PPIAF's FY15-17 strategy; methodology; value for money; target audience; innovative approach; outcomes; and implementation plan.

PPIAF inviited proposals for knowledge activities under the following topics:

  • Identifying and assessing best practices for increasing private sector participation and PPP investment in infrastructure projects in developing countries, especially in relation to climate change adaptation, mitigation, and/or resilience  
  • Effective long-term financing solutions (e.g., commercial banks, institutional investors, capital markets, infrastructure bonds, blended finance, pooled finance, etc.) for infrastructure PPPs in developing countries
  • Solutions to the challenges facing PPPs in fragile and conflict-affected countries
  • Lessons learned and best practices for increasing municipality creditworthiness and/or access to market-based financing  
  • Alternative models of project development and pre-tender engagement 

The proposals selected to receive funding from the Spring 2015 Call for Knowledge Proposals are listed below under the heading Activities: