2017 Call for Global Knowledge Proposals: Successful Applicants

We are pleased to announce the selected successful submissions under PPIAF’s 2017 Call for Global Knowledge Proposals. The response to the Call exceeded our expectations and we received a large number of strong proposals from WBG and external applicants. Sixty proposals were submitted, with a total funding request of about $13 million. A funding envelop of $1.5 million was available under the call.

Shortlisted proposals were evaluated through an anonymous process by an independent Selection Committee, which was composed of members from Global Practices and Cross Cutting Solution Areas, PPIAF Donor Representatives, and PPIAF.  Proposals were evaluated based on the following selection criteria: alignment with PPIAF’s FY15-17 strategy; methodology; value for money; target audience; innovative approach; outcomes; and implementation plan.        



The proposals selected to receive funding from the 2017 Call for Global Knowledge Proposals are:

The Off-Grid PAYG Solar Case Study

Procuring Infrastructure PPPs 2018

Making the Most Out of Public Finance for Sustainable Transport

Global Review: Public Infrastructure Funds Facilitating PPPs in a Fiscally Prudent Manner

Integrated Analytic Framework for Bus Transit Reform under PPPs

From Waste to Resource: Why and How Should We Plan and Invest in Wastewater

Global Benchmarking Study of Trucking Sector Productivity: PPP Potential and Sector Carbon Emissions

Guidebook on PPP Railway Station Development

Innovative Approaches to PPPs in Smart Grid Investments: Best Practice Experiences from Government Collaboration with Privately Owned Utilities


We appreciate everyone who submitted a proposal and thank them for their participation in the call. The next PPIAF Call for Global Knowledge Proposals will be launched in Fiscal Year 2018