Scaling Up the PPP Program in Bangladesh

The goal of the program is to create an enabling policy and regulatory environment which will help to develop a shelf of PPP infrastructure projects across sectors that support sustainable economic growth and equitable access to basic services, which the GoB would be able to implement with its own capacity and knowledge over a period of time.

The ultimate long term goal is to attract substantial investments through PPP mode in social and economic infrastructure. This goal will contribute to the acceleration of growth and reduction of poverty, thereby leading to enhanced social and economic development of the country to realize the vision of transforming Bangladesh into a middle income country by the year 2021.

The program is expected to be implemented in one phase, with some identified as short term activities and some as medium term activities. The program is also categorized into activities that support the GoB in identifying and pre-screening specific PPP initiatives, and activities that assist in the development of their capacity through support for policy development as well as through direct training and workshops.

The key components and activities of this program include:

  • Assessment of specific PPP initiatives
  • Improving Policy and Regulatory framework(s)
  • Identifying sector specific PPP issues leading to creating an enabling framework(s)
  • Enabling indicative financing
  • Targeted Capacity building


Activities in this program