Our Work

PPIAF funding focuses on supporting countries and regions with the greatest need; lower-income countries and fragile and conflict-affected states. PPIAF also supports selected priority middle-income countries since they provide transferable lessons to lower-income countries. PPIAF also supports the creation of knowledge products. Activities PPIAF has been supporting for the last 5 years are featured in the interactive map below. 


PPIAF assistance can facilitate private involvement in the financing, ownership, operation, rehabilitation, maintenance, or management of infrastructure services. This support covers a broad spectrum of contracting approaches, from management contracts and leases to concessions and divestitures.  PPIAF supports a range of eligible infrastructure sectors: Energy: electricity generation, transmission, and distribution; rural electrification; and renewable energy and energy efficiency Water and sanitation: non-revenue water; solid waste management; small-scale water providers; and wastewater and sewerage Transportation: airports, ports, railways, bus rapid transit, light rail, and highways Telecommunications Irrigation      

Knowledge Activities

PPIAF’s knowledge portfolio is central to the implementation of its strategy, and a robust global knowledge agenda complements our grant-funded technical assistance. PPIAF focuses on the development of new knowledge through research and helps make existing knowledge more accessible to policy makers and other stakeholders. The offerings aim to identify solutions to infrastructure challenges and disseminate the best practices and lessons learned through PPIAF’s technical-assistance activities to our clients, donors, and the broader development community. 

PPIAF’s Program Management Unit (PMU) develops activities to address knowledge gaps identified through PPIAF’s technical assistance grants and interactions with clients. In most cases the knowledge products that address these gaps are short briefs or thought-leadership pieces, lessons learned, case studies, and best practice briefs that are based on content developed for grants. 

The PMU also generates knowledge by analyzing PPIAF’s activities in specific sectors or topics. These broader analyses allow the PMU to identify and share trends and operational best practices to further improve grant activities. 

PPIAF also works extensively with partners to identify and develop the PPP knowledge agenda through strategic knowledge initiatives and the call for proposals.  

Call for Global Knowledge Proposals

PPIAF holds a semi-annual global call for knowledge proposals to solicit ideas on specific topics and emerging themes in infrastructure, PPPs, and subnational finance. Proposals are accepted from eligible organizations, which include the World Bank Group, Multilateral Development Banks, bilateral development agencies, non-governmental organizations, and universities. For additional information on past knowledge call for proposals, including selected proposals, please see the links below: 

Strategic Knowledge Initiatives

By working with various strategic knowledge partners such as educational institutions, development institutions, and knowledge centers for PPPs, PPIAF supports the development of knowledge solutions for wider infrastructure problems. These solutions are multi-year initiatives and are conducted with institutional partners that bring their own expertise and outreach. A few examples of these initiatives are highlighted below. 

Featured Knowledge Activities

Sub-National Technical Assistance Initiatives