EAST ASIA AND PACIFIC: Partnership between PPIAF and WB's Low-Carbon Livable Cities Initiative to support the second City Creditworthiness Academy

Preparing the second City Creditworthiness Academy Program scheduled to be held in Seoul, South Korea, during April 20-24, 2014. This Training Program will assist senior financial officials from sub-national governments and public enterprises across the East Asia Region to master the underpinnings of creditworthiness and to develop an action plan to improve their creditworthiness and access to finance for low-carbon infrastructure projects.

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City Creditworthiness Initiative

The City Creditworthiness Initiative is designed as a platform to systematically reach clients with instruments that would otherwise be considered on a stand-alone basis. Reform-minded authorities seeking more, better, and longer-term financing for capital investments would engage with the Initiative to access capacity building support,...

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