Jemima Sy

Senior Infrastructure Specialist (Water)

Jemima, a Philippine national, leads PPIAF’s water portfolio and supports its sub-national financing practice.  With a World Bank team, Jemima is currently working on a global program for developing the market for performance-based contracts for non-revenue water management.

A lawyer by training, Jemima has over 12 years’ experience managing water and sanitation market development initiatives.  She advised Governments on regulatory reforms and privately driven performance improvement programs and is involved in developing long-term commercial financing for water and sanitation in Asia and Africa.  Most recently, Jemima was the global business leader for the Water and Sanitation Program, overseeing initiatives on local private sector development in 16 countries.  She recently published a book on the market opportunities for local private sector in water and sanitation, “Tapping the Markets: Opportunities for Domestic Investments in Water and Sanitation for the Poor”.

Resources authored by Jemima Sy