Last Updated:
16 Jan 2018

Vietnam: Capacity Building Program for Promoting Private Sector Participation


The Government of Vietnam seeks to address its growing infrastructure needs by way of Public Private Partnerships (PPP).  Currently the Ministry of Planning and Investment (MPI) is close to finalizing a “Decree on PPP Investment” (Draft Decree) on the instruction of the Office of Government, with a goal that the Draft Decree be enacted in July 2014. On 20 May 2014, MPI circulated to its consultants and development partners a revision to draft number four of the Draft Decree that was expected to reflect continued input from consultants, investors, public sector stakeholders and development partners.  It should be noted that the Draft Decree is not yet finalized, as of the date of this document. During the period of 26 May through 6 June 2014, PPIAF in association with JICA sponsored a series of legal and financial trainings for members of central and local government bodies from Vietnam, under the title: Vietnam: Capacity Building Program for Promoting Private Sector Participation