Program Council Meeting 2018

Program Council Endorses $12 Million Program for PPIAF in 2019

During its annual meeting held in Nairobi in June, the PPIAF Program Council endorsed a Fiscal Year 2019 Workplan that maintains consistency with its five-year business plan. PPIAF will continue with only a slight downward level of programming in 2019, as its funders and management team remain confident that a shift to partnership and co-financing under an impact-focused programmatic approach will deliver relevant outreach to clients. The endorsement of the workplan came with renewed commitments from existing donors, as well as compliments from PPIAF beneficiaries who participated in a panel and emphasized how PPIAF’s support was critical to establishing the Kenya PPP unit’s operating procedures. They also noted how PPIAF helped important energy state-owned enterprises refinance their expensive liabilities and set up the regulatory systems for ICT in fragile Somalia.