PPIAF Helps Prepare for First IBRD Water-Sector Guarantee

The Bita Water Supply Guarantee Project, the first ever IBRD guarantee operation in support of water sector, has been approved by the World Bank Board. IBRD guarantee of $500 million will help mobilize total commercial financing of around $1,090 million to finance and implement the Bita water supply project.

The project will provide access to water in the poorest slums and benefit around 2 million people over time in greater Luanda province. It will address a critical public service gap in the capital region where over three million people are without access to a piped water supply today, and must cope with unsafe, inconvenient, and largely unaffordable tanker truck service, priced sometimes at 50 times the regulatory tariff.

PPIAF-SNTA has played an important role in the guarantee preparation with a grant that allowed for capacity building and institutional strengthening. we are confident these efforts will lead to better project implementation and EPAL’s path towards performance improvement.

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