PAKISTAN: Developing Framework for Reducing Non-Revenue Water through Performance Based Contract in Faisalabad Water and Sanitation Agency (F-WASA)

Supporting a technical study; institution and financial options analysis; and reviewing the enabling environment for preparation of performance based contract. The activity will also support a capacity building and stakeholder consultation. The objective of the activity is to reduce NRW in F-WASA while simultaneously improving the network efficiency, service standards and customer base leading to increased revenues in the F-WASA.

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Developing Good Performance Based Contract Practices for Non-Revenue Water Management

The goal of the Program is to catalyze increasingly better practices in the marketplace on PBCs for NRW Management.

“Better practices” will be identified in the short-term by: shorter and more cost-effective preparation of PBC transactions and increased number of market participants (suppliers and seekers) active in the market, and, in the...

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