INDIA: Renewable Energy Development in Odisha

PPIAF’s grant for US$291,000 funded through the dedicated CCTFI, was able to leverage international and sector expertise in order to operationalize GEDCOL and to assist the state with the development of the renewable-energy policy framework. More specifically, the PPIAF-supported activities contributed as follows:

Development of a state policy for renewable energy: PPIAF support, coordinated with the World Bank, helped Odisha to hire international consultants and develop its first comprehensive renewable-energy policy framework covering the period up to 2022. The framework clearly outlines the long-term vision and includes a road map with incentive structures needed to attract private-sector participation to develop solar parks according to international standards.

2) Development of a land bank for renewable energy: Land procurement has been one of the biggest challenges faced by private developers because of its potential to cause delays and cost overruns on projects. Odisha has non-agricultural government land that can be utilized for renewable-energy development. However, due to the lack of availability of site information, it has been difficult for private-sector developers to tap into such resources in a cost-effective manner. PPIAF’s TA support helped to conduct a landbank assessment and identify key sites. This was paramount in removing major barriers for private-sector participation and also helping to expedite planning for large-scale solar-park development in Odisha.

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